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Spare parts by model groups

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MB spareparts catalog SL

W 121, W 113, W 198, W 107,
190SL, Pagode, Flügel/Roadster

MB spareparts catalog A

W 187 / W 136

MB spareparts catalog B

W 186 Adenauer
300, b, c, S, Sc

MB spareparts catalog C

Ponton, Coupe, Cabrio
180, 190, 219, 220S

MB spareparts catalog D

108, 109, 110, 111, 112

MB spareparts catalog E

W 100

MB spareparts catalog F

Strich 8 / S-Klasse
114, 115, 116

MB spareparts catalog G

W 123 / W 126
Coupe, Limousine, T-Model,

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Buy oldtimer spare parts & find the right part

Whoever owns a Mercedes Benz classic car knows that buying spare parts can be a real challenge! How do I find the right Mercedes Benz spare parts for the respective model? On many websites, the search for specific parts can be a bit tricky. But not in our shop!

Our online shop offers more than 63.000 different products in the field of Mercedes Benz classic car spare parts. By using the original Mercedes Benz spare part number or the Niemöller- product number, you have the opportunity to specifically search for your desired products. Additionally, we exclusively reproduce a wide range of Mercedes Benz classic car spare parts, so that nothing stands in the way of restoring your beloved Mercedes Benz classic car.

You still haven’t found what you were looking for? Or do you have questions regarding certain spare parts or search for "original Mercedes spare parts" that you can not find, contact us! Our friendly Niemöller Team will gladly assist you in buying the vintage car accessories you need.

What is a spare part?

A spare part is used to replace (exchange) a defective part (component / piece of something whole), e.g. a classic car > classic car spare part.

The advantage of spare parts

Spare parts offer the advantage of being able to return defective objects to an operational condition. This is particularly worthwhile for oldtimers that cannot be purchased again. But also for modern vehicles a repair is worthwhile, if spare part and repair costs are together more favorable than a new acquisition.

Spare parts for classic car restoration

The restoration of a vintage car involves a lot of time and effort. It often takes years until the old piece of jewellery shines all over again. But no question, this work is fun and part of the oldtimer passion! Many history lovers, however, reach their limits when it comes to procuring suitable spare parts. The good news for Mercedes-Benz owners: Niemöller spare parts has an extremely extensive range of Mercedes classic car spare parts. Here you will find almost every Mercedes spare part!

The selection of Mercedes Oldtimer spare parts in the Niemöller Onlineshop

Niemöller offers spare parts for every area of classic cars. For the heart of the car, parts for the engine, gearbox and cylinder are available from us. Large spare parts, such as the rear, windshield or doors are available for the exterior. In addition, we have various small parts on offer. The product range of classic car parts from our own production includes housings, gaskets, tubes, closures, bushings, discs, tie rods, clamps and other Mercedes parts. These can be used for a large selection of Young Timer or Oldtimer models. The spare parts do not only fit Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but can also be used for vintage cars of other brands.

Spare parts by sales name

For Mercedes Benz vintage or classic cars of the construction years 1946 to 1975 we have the following classic car spare parts: