Oldtimer & Youngtimer - Where are the differences?

Oldtimer - definition and synonyms

The term classic car is the most common term in German for old motor vehicles. However, there are one or two oldtimer synonyms that enthusiasts and fans like to use for gems on wheels that are getting on in years. Commonly known as veterans or barn vehicles, the classic car is sometimes affectionately called Schnauferl in Austrian and Bavarian dialect. But what exactly is the definition of a classic car? We want to get to the bottom of this question in the next section.

What are the differences between oldtimer and youngtimer?

Most car lovers get moist eyes at the keyword classic car. All these special treasures from earlier times could only be preserved thanks to extensive restoration work by their owners or buyers. What all classic cars have in common is that they have survived their time - usually in good technical and well-kept condition. However, their regular use in everyday life is no longer up to date or in some cases even prohibited, as technical or ergonomic safety requirements have changed. In common parlance, the term "classic car" is understood to mean an old vehicle with collector's value that serves representative and idealistic purposes. These are not always well preserved, restored vehicles. Cars that have not been restored and left in their original condition or motorcycles, for example, also belong to this category. But when does an old car officially qualify as a classic car and what exactly is the difference to a youngtimer?

The H registration plate

Only with the H number plate (the H is at the end of the number plate) does a vehicle receive official classic car status. In accordance with an official classic car directive in all EU member states, the legislator prescribes a number of regulations for the registration of an H-plate. In addition to road safety, environmental compatibility and equipment in compliance with regulations, the car must have been registered at least 30 years ago and be of artistic and historical value. To this end, it must be largely original and in a good state of preservation and maintenance. Owners of classic cars with H-plates enjoy advantages such as cheaper car insurance, a lower insurance rate and they are even allowed to drive in environmental zones.

The 07 vintage car

In addition to the H registration plate, there is also the 07 vintage registration plate, recognisable by its red colour. 07 classic cars must fulfil the same requirements as H-plate classic cars. I.e. they must be at least 30 years old and in good, original or faithful condition. In contrast to the H number plate, the 07 number is an interchangeable number plate. It is attractive for collectors who own several vehicles and drive them only sporadically. For owners of a 07 number plate, only the vehicle category with the highest tax rate is charged, all other cars run tax-free. However, only one vehicle may be on the road at any one time.

Automobile Fascination Youngtimer

Classic cars can cost a lot of money. If you're smart, you'll realise your dream of owning such a car before it becomes a classic. Youngtimers are likeable vehicles with a high coolness factor and are particularly in demand among the younger generation. The classics of the 90s and early 00s have not yet reached classic car status and are traded on the market at real bargain prices. If well maintained, youngtimers are suitable for everyday use without any problems and are sometimes used as utility vehicles. They are often maintained in a condition, or even restored to one, to transition to H status of a classic car at 30 years of age. Some of them have modern technology comparable to the equipment of a new car, such as air conditioning, anti-lock brakes or airbags. There are no strict regulations for youngtimers. These are vehicles that have enthusiast status but are still too young for classic car status. Specifically, these are vehicles that came into circulation 20 - 29 years ago.

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