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Mercedes-Benz W129

Looking for Mercedes W129 spare parts? With contemporary design Bruno Sacco continued to write the SL success story. In the Niemöller online store you will find an ever-growing range of original Mercedes-Benz parts and accessories for this series.

The Mercedes W129 - one of the greatest chapters in the success story of the star carmaker

With the fifth Mercedes-Benz SL-generation the star car manufacturer from Stuttgart wrote one of the greatest chapters of its long success story. The W129 convertible combines everything that wealthy sun worshippers still find great to this day: powerful engines under a striking design, electronic safety features and luxurious special editions. The reception for the new roadster could not have been better! It earned high praise in the media, earned the Carls Design Award and created long waiting lists among its buyers. It often took several years to get the popular vehicle.

After almost 20 years of construction, the W 129, also known as the R129, replaced the R107. With the new SL model, the Swabian carmaker continued its decades-long tradition - the open and two-seater, the SL, had always been the roadster for the highest demands: A dream car, in fact, that not only set standards in terms of design and comfort, but also in safety and technology that continue to have an impact to this day.

Contemporary design with technical finesse

The Mercedes R129 retains the same proportions as its predecessor: a stretched hood and a compact rear end. However, it offered more angular and muscular shapes. Chief stylist Bruno Sacco had understood perfectly how to interpret the old SL theme in a modern way for the new Mercedes-Benz SL. He drew a contemporary roadster without chrome and without flourishes, in a sporty as well as classically elegant appearance.

The SL R129 was a technology leader that delivered unprecedented solutions in terms of safety and comfort: in particular with the automatic roll bar, which was the first time in the world that it was installed in a motor vehicle anywhere in the world. Another milestone set by the Mercedes SL R129 was the development of integral seats. With this, Mercedes-Benz applied for up to 20 new patents. The seats could withstand many times the forces in the event of an accident.

Height-adjustable head restraints, three-point seat belts and electrically adjustable seats provided even more safety. Added to this were seat heating, ABS, automatic air conditioning and other technical refinements in a class of their own. Two optional folding chairs in the rear made the luxury liner at least makeshift and short-term a four-seater. With the series hardtop, this Mercedes-Benz convertible went from being a pure summer pleasure vehicle to an everyday car for the whole year long before the folding top was invented.

Refined engines and exclusive special models

The important thing with the Mercedes W129 series was choosing the right engine. The lineup ranged from the silky smooth six-cylinder engine in the 280 (129.059) and 300 SL (129.060) to the torquey 300 SL-24 (129.061) with four-valve technology to the husky V8 in the 500 SL. To this day, the Mercedes SL 500 is considered one of the best Mercedes models of all time. Its refined technology, classic design and powerful five-liter V8 made it the bestseller of this model series and one of the most sought-after German classics to this day. In total, Mercedes built around 205,000 examples of the R 129 series, and around 80,000 of them with the 500 on the rear.

Exclusive special models kept demand for this model series going. For example, the SL 60 AMG with an output of 381 hp was created in collaboration with AMG. Between 1994 and 2001, a total of 20 special series were created. Among the most sought-after models today are, for example, the Mille Miglia Edition and the Special Edition.

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