Mercedes Benz Classic Cars upholstery cloths

Upholstery cloths for classic cars

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We took over sales of Mercedes Benz upholstery cloths from Aresma.

You may order both sample pages shown. Please note that colours displayed by the screen may strongly differ from reality.

Cloth pattern 1 Cloth pattern 2

Order upholstery fabrics

Niemöller part-no. Description Length in meters Price/rm.
A 98 004 Upholstery narrow stripes middle brown by the meter m €66.50
A 98 005 Upholstery fabric narrow stripes gray / yard goods m €66.50
A 98 006 Upholstery fabric wide stripes medium brown yard goods m €66.50
A 98 007 Upholstery fabric wide stripes gray yard goods m €68.50
A 98 007b Upholstery fabric W187 brown / sold by the metre (currently not available) m €0.00
B 98 001 Seat upholstery green chequered /by the meter m €98.00
A 65 021 Headliner grey, sold per meter width = 150cm m €55.00
A 65 022 Blanket cloth, cotton beige, yard goods, width ca.150cm. m €22.30
A 77 014 Jersey cloth convertible canopy cloth beige, yard goods m €55.00
A 77 015 Jersey cloth convertible canopy cloth gray, yard goods m €55.00
C 98 001 Upholstery cloth grey, sold per meter m €75.00
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