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Mercedes model cars - collector's items in miniature format

The Mercedes brand is a symbol of exceptional elegance and luxury. This is also reflected in the Mercedes model cars, which are modeled down to the smallest detail. Be it coveted classics like the 300SL Gullwing, chic S-Class coupes or the engine-powered horse-drawn carriage. Here in the section Model Cars you will get an overview of the available Mercedes model cars - real collector's items in miniature format, gladly also for collecting!

Model cars Mercedes - a classic car convinces even in small size

Isn't it true that every car fan would like to own a Mercedes classic car at some point in his life? For all those who cannot afford such an expensive exhibit, such a Mercedes model car invites you to dream. You can hold it in your hands, open the doors and trunk, and imagine yourself behind the wheel.

In every Mercedes vintage model car there is at least as much dedication, creativity and technical perfection as in the big prototype. Mercedes model cars are manufactured true to scale, in authentic colors and typical series equipment. This is done with the latest CAD technology and great attention to detail. The development time of an MB model car can take up to 18 months. Everything that is so fascinating in the original can also be found in the small Mercedes-Benz. Its interior impresses with 100% original fidelity and lavish interior.

Collecting model cars Mercedes classic cars - a popular hobby

Whether it's stamps, beer coasters or even a Mercedes vintage model car - collecting is a popular hobby for many people. Collecting model cars in particular has enjoyed unbridled popularity among young and old for decades. Estimates put the number of passionate collectors in Germany alone at around 100,000 to 120,000.

But what is the reason for this enthusiasm for the little racers? Nostalgia and memories of one's own childhood and youth certainly play a role. People buy the miniature VW bus with which they experienced their first camping vacation and feel reminded of a carefree time.

For some, it's the sheer enthusiasm for technology that sparks a passion for collecting Mercedes-Benz model cars. From the multi-spoke design of the wheel rims and performance headlights to the leather-covered gear stick, everything is recreated in the highest level of detail.

Model cars - what exactly is meant by that?

Model cars are scaled-down replicas of vehicles. These can be passenger cars, trucks, buses or agricultural vehicles. The characteristic of model cars is the detailed and true-to-scale reproduction of the vehicles. The most common scales for Model Cars are 1:18, 1:43 or 1:87.

The most popular MB model cars are not easy to find

As with the great models, the most popular are the MB model cars that are not so easy to find. Special models that stand out from the crowd or were produced in small numbers. These include historic convertibles and roadsters such as the Mercedes 190SL and the 300SL Gullwing or the Mercedes-Benz Unimog, which were already cult models in their production days.

Buy Mercedes model cars at Niemöller

You want to expand your collection or have just discovered the passion for collecting Mercedes model cars? Just browse through the Model Cars section here in our onlineshop and get excited about a great offer. Enjoy the Benz patent motor car, a Ponton sedan in black or red original paint or a 500SEC AMG SPA model in miniature format - there is certainly the right collector's item for every Mercedes-Benz fan! Buy conveniently online now and hold your dream car in your hands in just a few days!

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