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Master cylinder tail fin

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Rear fin - the Mercedes Benz W110

Master cylinder tail fin

Behind the name "small tail fin" hides the Mercedes Benz W110. The special name of the W110 comes from its linear body shape, which has side beads. The MB tail fin was designed by Mercedes Benz chief designer Karl Wilfert and produced from 1961 to 1968. The body design was a real innovation for that time! Mercedes Benz, known for its rather conservative design, adapted to the style of the American car models for the first time. The tail fin of the W 110 is however clearly smaller than those of the American models, which gave the name the addition "small". All models of the W110 were optionally available with a four-speed automatic transmission with hydraulic clutch.

What is a master cylinder?

Diagram master cylinder

The master cylinder is a component of the so-called hydraulic actuation. An actuation consists of a master cylinder, a slave cylinder and a pressure line, which connects the two cylinders with each other. The aim of the hydraulic actuation is to transfer a certain force from A to B. The force is transmitted, if necessary, from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder. The force is also increased if necessary.

How does the hydraulic line with slave and master cylinder work?

A hydraulic line with slave and master cylinder is quite simple in design: An input force F1 acts on the master cylinder. The input force is transmitted to the fluid in the hydraulic line via the surface A1 of the master cylinder, which creates pressure.

(Formula: p = F1 / A1). The pressure p is transmitted to the slave cylinder through the hydraulic line. This has the function of the secondary piston. The output force F2 is intensified because the slave cylinder has a larger diameter. The master cylinder is used on the Mercedes-Benz tail fin in the hydraulic system of clutch and brake. A light step on the foot pedal is enough to exert a strong force on the brake calliper or the clutch disc. The master cylinder therefore plays an important, functional role for the MB tail fin.

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