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The history of the Mercedes-Benz Ponton

Mercedes-Benz Ponton

People with a love for numbers will have lots of fun with the W 120. Why? Because of its lineage. It is characterized by two main features: The first one is the origin, the second one is the development.

In 1953, the first Mercedes-Benz Ponton officially set foot on the streets of this world. Up until 1962, it created a remarkable lineage. Besides the known history of produced models, this Mercedes-Benz car has a very interesting sideline. The Ponton ruled in the world of the middle- and upper class from the year 1953 until 1962. This vita has a truly aristocratic habitus.

Derived from the W 120 series are the models W 105, W 128, W 180 and of course the 190 SL of the series W 121 B II. A peculiarity of the Stuttgart region additionally expands this diversification. In this time of production, different motorizations, carriages and bodywork sections are specifying the W-family.

The small Ponton is a beloved actor in many movies of that time. Famous people such as Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra are known for driving this Mercedes-Benz model. The Ponton model can also be seen in the movie “Casino” from 1995, directed by Martin Scrosese.

The small Mercedes Ponton

The W 120 and W 121 series appeared on the market at the best time possible. After World War II, the industrial production in Germany started to recover. A stable currency is constituted, buying power is growing and Germany finds itself in a time of regained confidence.

With the Adenauer Model W 186 and the sports car W 194, Mercedes Benz is resuming production. Starting in 1953, the vehicles of the class W 120 and others are forming a stately model program in the middle- and upper price range.

All vehicles of that line have one technical finesse in common: They all have a self-supporting body, which is a sign of the new automobile era that took new contours in the years after 1945. The design is defined by the innovative Ponton vehicle body, with its strikingly smooth and round shapes.

The new „three-box design“ quickly won many people over. The zone drive, the passenger compartment and the trunk are all clearly divided and optically defined. Others regard the new model rather skeptically. They are clinging to the look of the pre-war models with their free-floating wings and other anachronistic details.

The W120 series I was sold since 1953, with production lasting until 1962.

The Mercedes-Benz W-Family

The W 121 series offers a limousine as well as a gasoline engine to the upper middle class. It was produced from 1956 to 1961. It offers a displacement with 1.9 liters which creates 75 and later 80 PS in a gasoline engine.

The Mercedes Benz W 180 Series I and II is considered the “large Ponton” because of its wide wheelbase. The W 180 was produced from 1954 to 1959. The upper class six-cylinder was produced as limousine, coupé and cabriolet.

The W 105 limousine inherits two functions. From 1956 to 1959 it ranged in the upper middle class between the expensive 220 Sb (W-180) and the 190 (W 121). It started with a displacement of 2.2 liters which gave it 85 and later 90 HPs.

The W-121 B II series are certainly the gem of this time. The sports car is built by Mercedes-Benz from 1955 until 1963 as cabriolet with an optional coupé roof. It has a gasoline engine with four cylinders that mobilises 105 HP from a 1.9 liter displacement. Experts recover it in the W121. The main characteristics are the exciting design with the sickle accents on the wings and the open roof.

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