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The Story of the Mercedes-Benz Stroke 8

A motorist: “Hello, who are you?”
The W114: “May I introduce myself, my name is Stroke-Eight, it’s a pleasure. I’m the new one from Mercedes-Benz.”
The motorist: “Oh, I see. And where are you headed?”
The W114: “I’m on my way to the upper mid-range. Would you like to accompany me?”
The motorist: “That’s my destination too. It would seem only proper to accompany you. May I?”
The W114 [full of enthusiasm]: “I would be honoured!”

In 1967, Mercedes-Benz presents a new model for the upper mid-range. Its official market launch in 1968 becomes the reason for the internal designation Stroke Eight [“Strich-Acht”]. This name is quickly accepted into general usage.

The metal skin of this Mercedes Benz model impresses with its timeless elegance and comes from the pen of the designer Paul Bracq. The interior design is timelessly simple. Its ergonomics and the thinking behind it are still reflected in every model of Mercedes-Benz. Each Stroke 8 owner has 43 options for further upgrading their star on wheels (leather seats, air-conditioning system, ...). To be precise, the Stroke-Eight deserves the compliment Stroke-paid-attention [“Strich-gib-Acht”]. Almost two million vehicles of this type are manufactured in its production period, so hats off!

On the subject of diversification and specifications: altogether, eleven engine variants of the Mercedes Stroke 8 are offered, two plus two body variants and two plus two series, due to the facelift, plus option list. This sentence will be explained in more detail below.

Mercedes-Benz is a master of flowing transitions. For example, some details are adopted from the last models of the previous series and implemented in the new ones. On the other hand, the essential elements of the Stroke Eight, however, are completely new developments. For example, the chassis of the Mercedes Stroke Eight is one of the outstanding features that brought it particular success in its time. Disc brakes on all wheels as standard goes without saying for these models.

The Stroke Eight consists of two series of models in general and four in particular. These are saloons and coupés, and chassis for custom bodies and chassis with a lengthened wheelbase. At this time, it is the daily business of various body builders, such as Binz, Miesen or Crayford, to fulfil special requests for individually shaped W114 / W115. The Pullmann (prestigious saloon) takes on a special role here. It is produced directly ex works upon request.

In December 1976, the last model of this series is produced, the 1,919,055 of the family W114 / W115. It is a diesel model. The spicy thing about this announcement is that the successor model, the W 123, has already been officially offered since November 1975. So, what is the reason for this approach? Well, this is because of an old agreement between Mercedes-Benz and the German taxi trade and then on top of that there is Mercedes-Benz’s own principle of smooth transitions. Perhaps the motorist quoted at the beginning was a taxi operator?!

The “Hard Facts”

  • two + two model ranges of Mercedes-Benz vintage vehicles
  • from the end of 1967 to July 1969: the series zero point five (including the pilot series)
  • August 1969 to March 1972: the series one
  • April 1972 to March 1973: the series one point five (transitional model)
  • August 1973 to August 1976: the series two
  • the model series of the Stroke Eight saloons and coupés are both in the type class “W”
  • vehicles with an extended wheelbase are part of type class “V”
  • Stroke Eight chassis for special bodies belong to type class “F”
  • the Mercedes chassis can be combined with both special bodies and an extended wheelbase. Then they belong to type class “VF”

Depending on the kind of drive, all these combination possibilities of the Mercedes Stroke 8 receive the numerical suffix “114”, if it is a petrol engine, or the number “115” is added if it is a diesel engine. Et voilà, the type name is ready!

All engines are arranged in series and bear the letter “M” before the internal numbering, e.g. M180 etc. (Although the M & Ms from Mercedes-Benz are delicious, they are not related in either blood or marriage to the chocolate sweets of the present day.)

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