Radiator Shield 300 Adenauer

Vintage 1960 300 D Adenauer Merecedes Benz has become a vintage car classic and is coveted by many Mercedes Benz vintage auto enthusiasts. Why is this so? Well for one thing; the model is a brand unique to Mercedes.

One aspect, of the vintage model is its radiator and shield. Sometimes when looking online to purchase an Adenauer, the vintage car enthusiast is going to have some difficulty finding a restored classic with the radiator. Purusing online recently, yielded vintage Adenauer's for sale, missing the shield and radiator. The radiator is honeycombed-styled and is special to Mercedes. However, finding this part may be more difficult than you might have first imagined. Fortunately, the net provides you a way to take your time with regard to securing the part. This is certainly more convenient than scanning the local yellow pages only to be told time and time again: No, we don't have your Adenauer radiator or shield. Persons, who recognize how things were before the Internet are familiar with the preceding non-affirmative statement.


The best way to search for radiators for the Mercedes is to go online and search in a generalized manner: "Mercedes radiator." This may work better than, believe it or not, searching by niche: which usually provides better results. Again, this is a clue-in that Adenauer radiator shield and radiator may not be that easy to come by: however if you like Adenauer, in all its vintage glory; taking your time looking for the part (online) is well worth your effort. You may get lucky and find what you are looking for right away; or end up doing, as the seller of the Adenauer in the ad above: selling your vintage without the radiator. Whatever the case, due to its uniqueness; and popularity as a Mercedes vintage classic, Adenauer remains well-respected amongst vintage Mercedes collectors.