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Top cover 190 SL Mercedes Oldtimer

Who can call a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL his own, has a sweetheart at home. The car, which is now over 50 years old, is one of the most beautiful roadsters with folding top ever built by Mercedes. If such a car has already driven several thousand kilometres, then the ravages of time are gnawing at some parts of the car and it is high time to provide a replacement. Even if such a beautiful vintage car is parked in the garage for years and is not used, worn out areas will appear on the car during this long period, which have to be replaced and which can hinder road safety. If you need to replace the top of the Mercedes-Benz 190 SL, you have come to the right place. In our range you will find an excellent quality 190 SL soft top cover. The 190 sl soft top cover is durable and robust, so that you can drive your beautiful vintage car for many years to come, even in bad weather.

Top cover 190 SL

The canopy covers always fit the original linkage of the car. Top covers are always delivered in the original size of the 190 SL and are easy to assemble. Our convertible top cover 190 sl is very weatherproof and easy to clean. The very easy to install canopy covers made of fabric can be replaced by anyone without special tools. The top cover 190 sl is a finished top and prepared for immediate installation. In the course of a new assembly, the accessories that are still available in addition to the 190 sl soft top cover should be replaced at the same time if possible. You can order these parts in our shop at the same time.

The material of the canopy cover 190 sl consists of several layers, so that an injury of the surface structure by foreign influence or other circumstances is almost impossible. The seams are neatly welded and make it practically impossible for liquids such as rainwater to penetrate. The 190 sl soft top cover is processed by the manufacturer according to proven cuts and is a perfect fit for a folding top on the 190 SL.

The outer skin is made of a highly stretchable outer fabric, which does not wrinkle even when the top is folded and adapts to the folding top's frame in any situation. You will be very satisfied with our product because the manufacturer guarantees full satisfaction and we pass it on to our customers. If, contrary to expectations, problems should arise and you no longer know what to do, do not hesitate to call us directly or email us your case. We will also call you back. We look forward to seeing you driving the 190 SL with our new 190 sl soft top cover for many years to come.