Hubcap Pagoda

Are you looking for „hubcap Pagoda“ ? Then you came to the right place! Hubcaps are a simple but effective way of embellishing cars and vintage cars. They are comparatively cheap and easy to install. They are also called „wheel trims“or „wheel covers“. Classic car hubcaps add the final touch to your vehicle. While they enhance the look of your classic car, they also protect the hub as well as the wheel nut from dirt and stains. Because of their simple mounting, they are often subject to thievery. Hub caps are very popular, there even is a world championship in tossing hubcaps in Germany. It was established in 2007 and takes place in the town Meppen every year.

Hubcaps for the rims of classic cars

Hubcaps Pagoda Mercedes W113

When the hubcaps are not being tossed, they normally sit on the rims of vintage cars. Especially Mercedes Benz classic cars are very popular, for example the two-seater cabriolet Mercedes-Benz W 113, also called “Pagoda”. “Hubcaps pagoda” is a frequently searched word in the field of of vintage car restauration. Collecting classic cars and restoring them is a beloved hobby all over the world. Mercedes Benz classic cars have their very own, special charm. Mercedes Benz classic cars bring together a big community, which makes this hobby even more appealing.

The Mercedes Benz Pagoda 280SL

The two-seated Mercedes Benz Pagoda convertible model with the folding roof was presented for the first time in March 1963 in Geneva. It was supposed to replace the models 190 SL and 300 SL. Its nickname “Pagoda” stems from the hardtop, which is curved to the inside and which was available separately. The versions 230 SL, 250 SL and 280 SL of the Pagoda have been built together 48.912 times.

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