Catalog E Mercedes-Benz classic cars spare parts
model PKW 600

Presentation of Catalog E

Presentation of catalog E

Catalog E contains on 128 pages a detailed collection (see construction models) of all variants on Daimler Benz cars model PKW 600, lots of them with pictures and explosion drawings of Mercedes Benz classic cars spare parts. The 600 Pullman in Landaulet-finish is regarded as the absolute top-model among the construction models 100.

The catalog is completely and exactly in order of the original spare part catalog and is regarded as a "must" for every owner of a Mercedes classic car.

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Two examples from Catalog E

Example from catalog E Example from catalog E

The fact that a spare part is listed in our catalog does not mean it is available. The catalog is intended to be valid in the long term. Therefor it shows no prices, but order numbers only. Availability and price information can be obtained from the current pricelist containing more than 63.000 articles.

Catalog E contains the following construction models

Current number / sales description Chassis model Motor model Built from - to Built quantity Literature reference
93. Mercedes-Benz 600/L. 100.012 100.980/982 8/63 - 6/81 2190 E 99001
94. Mercedes-Benz 600/P.L. 100.014 100.980/982 8/63 - 5/81 428 E 99001
95. Mercedes-Benz 600/Land. 100.015 100.980/982 5/67 - 1/81 59 E 99001
96. Mercedes-Benz 600/P.L. 6türig 100.016 100.980/982 9/64 - 5/81 124 E 99001