Washer f. Submersible connection | 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode | Niemöller

Washer f. Submersible connection for 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode

Chosen model:
Niemöller part-no. D 14 107
Designation: Washer f. Submersible connection
Required pieces: 1
availability: no longer available no longer available
Original part number:
  • 127 990 03 40
Mercedes Car: 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode
Used in: Intake Pipe and Exhaust Manifold
Chassis: W 113.042
Engine: 127.981
We offer Washer f. Submersible connection for your Mercedes W113 as a spare part for sale. The part is installed in the chassis 113.042 with engine 127.981 and used in unit Intake Pipe and Exhaust Manifold. It is listed under the original spare part number 1279900340 at Mercedes. Vehicle 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode was manufactured in the years 7/63 to 1/67 in a quantity of 19831.
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