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Water hose 12mm - sold per meter for Intake Muffler in 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode

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Niemöller part-no. C 50 035
Designation: Water hose 12mm - sold per meter
Please measure the required length and enter the number of meters in Quantity
Required length: 1.00 m
availability: in stock in stock
Delivery time: expected in 5 - 10 days
Original part number:
Mercedes Car: 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode
Used in: Intake Muffler
Chassis: W 113.042
Engine: 127.981
€17.00 per meter (net)
From engine 010026

We offer Water hose 12mm - sold per meter for your Mercedes W113 as a spare part for sale. The part is installed in the chassis 113.042 with engine 127.981 and used in unit Intake Muffler. Vehicle 230SL Mercedes-Benz w113 Pagode was manufactured in the years 7/63 to 1/67 in a quantity of 19831.

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