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The Mercedes Benz W 100 Type 600 and its history

“Mercedes-Benz W 100 Type 600” is a word combination that every vintage car lover should know. They also know that this series includes the Pullman, the Landauer and the Coupé.

The history of the Mercedes-Benz W 100 classic car

The Stuttgart-based automobile manufacturer was building more than 2720 models of this series in the years from 1964 to 1981. The Mercedes Benz 600 was established as an automobile representational model in the post-war history. During this time, a splendid range was developed. The short version (100.012) of the Mercedes Type W 100 600 (five meters and fifty-four centimeters) with over 80% of the sold models from the type “volume model”.

Measured by the production numbers, the closed Pullman (six meters and twenty-four centimeters), which used to have a wider wheelbase, formed the second class (100.014). Optionally, this Mercedes Benz classic car came as a six-door model with two seat rows in the back (100.016). Alternatively, there was the four-door model with an elegant rear and a window that separated the chauffeur and the owner. The more exclusive features can be found in with the W 100.

The third group contains the models Landaulet (100.015) and Pullman-Landaulet. It comes with four and with six doors. Two armored versions with short or wide wheelbase are offered and belong to this class. According to the Mercedes-Benz’ documentation, those were produced only 16 to 26 times during the production era. Last but not least, there is a group of very exclusive specials.

Those are creations that never truly saw the light of the public and which are some kind of treasures of Mercedes-Benz. They are well protected by Daimler-Benz and are sometimes even kept a secret. Among those models are a short Landaulet as well as an armored Pullman with an enhanced roof and six doors. Only one 600er Coupé has been created, which stayed in the experimental department of the producer. This model is to be interpreted as one of the masterpieces of the engineers of Daimler Benz.

It seems that the management, after times of long and hard work, told the engineers to „Just do it, build your very own special 600“. This is exactly what they did! This special Mercedes classic car is nowadays still found in well researched articles. Two significant factors never changed during the „lifetime“of the Mercedes-Benz W 100 type 600: the engine as well as the target audience. The thrust giving unit is a potent eight-cylinder with injection-point. The Mercedes W 100 has a displacement of 6332 cubic centimeters which generate respectable 250 horse powers.

The Mercedes W 100 as figurehead

The Mercedes W100 attracted many celebrities. Famous people like Leonid Breschnew, Elisabeth Taylor, Aristoteles Onassis and even John Lennon all owned a Mercedes W100. John Lennon ordered his Pullman-version of the Mercedes 600 with a white telephone receiver in December 1969. But the Stuttgart-based Mercedes company only delivered it in classic black.

The 600 model enjoys great recognition among customers, public and the worldwide press. This respect can be seen in many notes and newspaper articles, which started the myth around the type 600. Even during its production time, the Mercedes 600 was named “the best car in the world”.

The reason for this title was very likely the impressive look and the – for this time and age – revolutionary technology. Paul Bracq’s handwriting is easily recognizable, especially in the lineage of the W 114 / W 115 model. This - still very popular- Mercedes-Benz model was produced from 1968 until 1976.

The Mercedes-Benz W100 and its advantages

During the time of the development of the Mercedes W 100, the engineers around head of design, Dr. Fritz Nahlinger, have applied for fifteen patents concerning hydraulic systems.

With a working pressure of exactly 150 bar, the comfort hydraulic system does wonders in every 600. Thanks to the pressure accumulator, which is fed by an engine with a dependable high-pressure pump, the functionality of the hydraulic system can still be guaranteed, even when the engine is turned off.

After a short starting ceremony, the warning light at the dashboard is off, which means that enough pressure has been built. Now the break system can do its thing. This reservoir also manages the work requirements between the motor, gear and rear axle of the W 100. The windows are moving with perfection and the sunroof is sliding on its rails.

With the Mercedes Pullman, there can even be two of the hydraulic elements. The seats that were in one place at the one time, are almost seamlessly changing their position. Even the flaps of the ventilation system are working according to this principle. Alone 5 of those invisible butlers are integrated in the Mercedes 600, when it comes to closing the doors precisely and carefully. The Pullman model even has two more.

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