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The Mercedes Benz S-Class, its history

In 1965, Mercedes-Benz sets a decisive course for the future. The areas of diversification and specification are re-arranged and restructured in connection with the strategic model policy. To the present day, Mercedes maintains a naming system that clearly communicates to the viewer which model range and production series is to be assigned to the appropriate “class”. In this case, it is the division into mid-range, upper mid-range, upper-range and luxury class.

The Mercedes Benz S-Class comes into the world and goes on sale in 1965. The transition from the old to the new S-Class model is smooth. Panta rhei, the baton is passed: the engineers of Mercedes-Benz add details that become standard in the current model range in homeopathic and sometimes even strong doses in the last models of the outgoing series. So there are some similarities between the Mercedes series W108 / W109 and the coupés and convertibles of the series W111 / W112. On the other hand, the saloons 230 S and 300 SEL (large fins, model 111.010 and 109.015) from the W111 family continue to be built until 1968.

The visual character of the current series is defined by the lines of the designer Paul Bracq. He has already been working together with Daimler-Benz since 1957. His signature style is characterised by clear and classic contours, combined with delicate accents: the taillights or for example the struts of the bumpers. In the case of the models W 108 and W 109, the Mercedes bodies radiate a high degree of solidity and value. The “occupation of space” of the individual bodies in itself already conveys an impression of strong confidence and great superiority in the Mercedes S class.

In 1965, the models of the Mercedes Benz series W108 and W109 are already driving into the range, with disc brakes on all wheels, and in 1968 the drive units are adapted to contemporary requirements in the context of a first facelift. Interior details and the steering column are further optimised for improved ergonomics and safety reasons. The steering wheel gear lever migrates to the central console. As a result of this spatial repositioning, the driver and front-seat passenger of the S-class receive single seats with seatbelts, a tribute to the safety code among the “star carriers”.

Different Variations of the S-Class

Although the Mercedes Benz model series of the S-class W108 and W109 are certainly to be regarded as “brothers”, there are still substantial differences between the two. In a figurative sense, it can be said that although both passed their school-leaving exams, it was the W109 that went on to study at university. In plain language, this means that it receives pneumatic suspension as standard. On top of this it also gets a long wheelbase, a four-speed automatic transmission and in the course of the years of production impressive V8 engines. As we said, as standard! The 3.5 Mercedes-Benz S-class model is followed by the 6.3, and for the more “exotic” owners there is the 4.5. The latter is first intended for the US market. Various modifications are necessary, including the enlarging of the displacement of the unit. With them, it is now possible to comply with the requirements of the various countries regarding emission regulations and fuel qualities. Do you still remember the section, with the key phrase “passing of the baton”? The Export-4.5s already have the three-gear transmission with a torque convertor, which will move the upcoming models of the W116.

There is something else that you should know: Mercedes-Benz enters the motor racing scene with the W 106 and the 6.3. A blacksmith from Affalterbach, small, elegant, and still unknown at the time, grabs himself a 6.3. The result: martial outfitting, 6.8 litre displacement, nickname “Red Sow” [“Rote Sau”].

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